Former Senator Bob Kerrey Shares Blame for Sept. 11 Attacks

Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey said a “series of mistakes” leading up to Sept. 11 is to blame for pre-attack intelligence failures. And that does not exclude him as part of the Senate Intelligence Committee throughout the 1990s.

Kerrey said Thursday night on the Fox News Channel's "Hannity and Colmes" program that doesn't think he will reach the conclusion that one person bears most of the responsibility. He says he thinks it’s a collective failure and he puts himself in that group as well.

Kerrey, one of 10 members of the commission studying the attacks, said while the president does not have to accept blame for the attacks, Bush should at least acknowledge that mistakes were made in 2001.

Kerrey also said it is unfortunate that the commission is doing much of its work during the heat of the presidential election, making it difficult for the president to be candid about what happened pre-Sept 11.