Summer Jobs

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Students looking for summer jobs might find prospects improved this year.

The Nebraska Workforce says the overall job market is on the rise and that could be a sign the economy is improving.

Career center coordinator Deb Eickoff in Kearney says she hopes that is the case. She says it is nice to see the economy improving everywhere.

Kearney High senior Kily Kreutzer is among students motivated to snag those summer jobs. With the high expense of college, she says she definitely needs a job to help her cover those coming costs.

Job fairs in a number of communities are helping those interested line up summer employment.

A Kearney job fair did not have as many employers attending but those who did had more openings available.

Eickhoff says she is seeing help wanted posters around Kearney, too, so she thinks businesses are hiring even if they could not participate in the job fair to recruit help.