Congressional Race Heats Up

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Janet Stewart and State Senator Matt Connealy squared off in separate news conferences Friday to talk about some of their differences.

Stewart was recently endorsed by some Planned Parenthood groups. She is pro-choice and accuses her opponent of wanting to overturn abortion rights.

“I think this puts Senator Connealy out of the mainstream of democratic voters. And out of the mainstream of Americans. I think that is something voters will want to consider,” she said.

Connealy says he would be an independent thinker on the issue.

“I am a pro-life person. I’m not going to be voting on Roe versus Wade or a constitutional amendment. I am a devout Catholic who is against procedural abortion,” he said.

Both Candidates spoke of the economy and the recent Goodyear job loss in Lincoln.

“We’re out sourcing jobs across the nation and it is very important that we stem that tie,” Connealy said.

Stewart said she has ideas about how to bring in more jobs.

“I think tax policy is the way you address that. You could give credits to encourage particular types of industries to develop new facilities here in the country,” she said.

Connealy now has the endorsement of the AFL-CIO and U.S. Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer.

Two other democrats, Phil Chase and Charlie Matulka, are also running for the seat. The primaries will be held May 11th.