Lincoln Man Dies in Car Accident

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23-year-old Jasmin S. Dogic was killed early Sunday morning when the car he was driving hit a tree at 2816 Sheridan Boulevard. Two passangers, 19-year-old Heather Bizon and 21-year-old Dusko Cakic, had non-serious injuries.

The accident happened at 2:30 Sunday morning. Neighbors in the area were woken up by the sound of the accident and the sirens that followed. Witnesses say the driver side of the car was wrapped around the tree.

The tree hit by Dogic is on the property of Parish McDonald. She was the first one to get to the car. Parish says, "I've never seen a person... not alive, and its sad. I don't think I fully realized what happened. I was unable to go back to sleep."

Police are investigating if alcohol or speed played a role in the accident. They remained at the scene until 8:00 in the morning.