Remembering a Nebraska Legend

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Former Gov. Frank Morrison died early Monday morning at a McCook hospital.

Morrison was governor of the state from 1961 to 1967. Some of his accomplishments: changing term limits from two to four years, overseeing the expansion of interstate 80 west.

Former Gov. and Sen. Jim Exon says, "I lost a good friend and a man who was a like a second father to me." Exon says during his time as governor and senator he could always ask Morrison for advice. Exon says Morrison was a great ambassador for the state and there's no one who's done more for Nebraska.

Sally Gordon a Sergeant of Arms for the Nebraska Legislature was an administrative assistant for Morrison's three terms. Gordon says, "He would clean his glasses with the corner of his jacket." "He was one of the best people I ever worked with, very compassionate and allowed us to do things."

In the last decade Morrison was known for his work on the Platte River Road Archway. Morrison was instrumental in getting his vision to become a reality.

Frank Morrison's death follows his wife Maxine's who died one month and one day ago.

Morrison would have been 99 years old May 20.