Who Will Bear the Brunt?

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Voters in Grand Island will decide next month whether the sales tax will increase a half-cent.

The City Council came up with the plan, which would take the city's one percent tax to one and a half. If passed, it will cut property taxes and allocate money for city improvement projects.

Car shoppers like Cristina Ramirez would end up paying more, about $200 in her case. "I don't want to see them go up at all."

Some homeowners like Melissa Ulrich wouldn't mind paying more in sales tax if it cuts her a break in property tax. "I just sent out my first payment on property tax, [and] any relief is welcome."

The additional money would go to improving the Grand Island Fire Department and Police facilities. The local library would be spruced up and expanded. Half of the money generated from the plan would relieve city property tax, meaning a decrease in $112 in property tax on a $100,000 home.

If voters pass this plan, sales tax would go up in October of 2004.