Sex Offender Registry: A Closer Look

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Wednesday Health and Human Services announced that convicted sex offender Donald Laws was living in a home where a daycare is run bringing into question just what Nebraska's Sex Offenders Registry Law does.

About 1,800 people are listed on the registry for crimes ranging from sexual assault, incest of a minor, and kidnapping of a minor.

"The way the law is now is if they (offender) are being released from jail or the Department of Correctional Services, that agency will register them before they leave that institution," said Doctor Shannon Black with the Nebraska State Patrol.

There are three levels of sex offenders: Level one is a low risk level where only law enforcement receives the information. Level two is a moderate risk level and law enforcement, schools, daycares, religious and youth organizations are notified of the offender. Level three is high risk and the offender’s information is released to the public.

The state patrol looks at several factors when determining an offenders level, such as number of sex related offenses, age of victims, and level of force used during the crime.

"Out of that, we end up with a total score. That total score depending on the cut off range is how we identify somebody as low, medium, or high risk offender," said Dr. Black.

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