Morrison Service

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Former Governor Frank Morrison was remembered today in Lincoln. Morrison was Nebraska's governor from 1961 to 1967. Many who have held that office since then were on hand to pay tribute, including Senator Ban Nelson, Bob Kerry, Kay Orr, and the current governor Mike Johanns. Former Senator Jim Exon also had kind words to say, "God Almighty, I pray you might consider giving us a few more servants like your Frank Morrison."

Family members also have an active role in the service. Many sang some of Morrison's favorite songs and others told stories about his strong and humorous character. His son David said, "What a privilege it was to be his son. As I look out here and see all of his friends, its just a wonderful experience that every son should have."

Frank's wife of 68 years died just a month ago. Maxine was the focus of many poems written my Morrison. A booklet of his collected poetry was given to everyone who attended the service.