Seniors Targeted in Phone Scam

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Lincoln police received several complaints this week about fraudulent telemarketing calls to local retirement homes.

91 year-old Fran Jensen got a call Wednesday from a man posing as a Visa representative asking for her personal information.

“This man called me and he sounded very sincere and offered me so many options. As he went on I didn’t feel right about it,” said Jensen.

The man then called the Brentwood Estates Office, the retirement home where Jensen lives.

“After they got done trying to get the card number from Fran they then call our office and pretend that (he) was Fran and then ask us for her social security number and Medicare number… pretending they were her and she couldn’t find it in her apartment,” said Shirley Rijkse with Brentwood.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner talks to senior groups about these issues. He says they are targeted more than any other group.

“Never give your credit card number out or your personal identification information, social security over the phone unless you generate the call,” said Wagner.

Attorney General Jon Bruning says Nebraskans should be skeptical of any call even if it is from a company you do business with.

“They are going to say that they are calling from your bank, or your phone company, or your cable company. If it is those people then you can call them back. So say give me your number and I’ll call you back,” said Bruning.

If you have questions about a fraud or scam you can call the Better Business Bureau at (402) 436-2345. You can also call the Attorney General’s Office at (402) 471-2682.