Sept. 11 Support Group

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Although it happened nearly three years ago, Sept. 11 still lives on.

Sunday at the SAC museum, people gather to help each other. No one will forget the day the twin towers crumbled, especially those who lost someone.

"The American Flag represented the tragedy of Sept. 11, you see that and it reminds you and brings you back," says Lynn Castrianno, support group representative.

After losing her brother on 9-11, Castrianno pioneered a support group for people in Middle America affected by the attack, it’s called "September 11th Connections."

She says that it is a safe haven--a place to go and speak with others and share stories.

Mike Geis heard about the support group and attended tonight for the first time. Geis says, "I think the thing that I am already receiving from the meeting is that people are in different places in terms of processing all of what occurred, It helped me see that I am not alone."

The group meets every month and talks about a variety of topics, hoping to come to terms with their grief.