Teammates Remember Jenna

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Teammate Christy Harms, "She'd play her heart out - then she could say she could have done more."

Cooper was a defender for UNL's soccer team. She's originally Louisville, Kentucky. Cooper started every game but one since her freshman year. UNL Coach John Walker says Cooper finally reached her goal this past season when she became a team captain.

"The last couple of months Jenna spent a lot of time talking to me and the other coaches about how to lead people how to get the most out of people," says Walker.
Former player Christine Latham says, "Every time she stepped out on the field she helped everyone become better."

Lindsey Ingram, "She's my best friend." She says despite Cooper's personality - she never took herself too seriously.

Her teammates say Jenna worked a lot with younger kids and was always the last on the field talking with fans and signing autographs. Her teammates say she loved NASCAR and was going to school to become a mechanical engineer.

A memorial service is planned at the University of Nebraska Tuesday