Golf Therapy

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Former PGA therapist and athletic trainer Jeff Booher has developed a program he believes can cut strokes off golfers' games, eliminate pain and reduce the risk of injury.

He has brought the Therapy Plus Performance Golf program to the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln.

For almost 15 months, Booher has been working with more than 80 clients to treat injuries, prevent injuries, increase flexibility and strength, and improve motion efficiency.

He says he is forging a new method and approach to applications of golf technology with physical therapy and biomechanics.

After six years on the PGA and Senior PGA tours, he says his program can produce a longer, stronger and pain free game.

He says sometimes injuries are caused by alignment, lack of balance, repetitive use of muscles that lack strength and restricted flexibility. He says knowing swing fundamentals, products available and knowing physical therapy gives us an insight into how to fix problems and treat or prevent injuries.