7-Year-Old Battles Rare Brain Cancer

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Gabi Carerra will never forget the day that her sister was taken to the hospital. She was the only one at home when her 7-year-old sister, Gigi Carerra erupted into a seizure.

That was just last January and after numerous tests, Gigi was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

Her mother, Leah Carrera said that it was a diagnosis she just wasn't prepared for.

Soon, little Gigi will have two tumors in her brain taken out, which will cause her to lose her vision. In the coming weeks after the surgery, chemo and radiation will follow.

"We're trying to enjoy every day and prepare for the upcoming obstacles," said Leah Carerra.

The family is staying optimistic and taking every day as it comes.

Gigi's mom adds, "Gigi's stronger than all of us and she's kind of pulling us all through it."

The family has even set up a way that people can donate to Gigi's medical funds.

If you wish to donate, go to any Union Bank, where you can drop off cash or check in Gigi Carrera's name. The family says this will help pay for many of the expenses that come with Gigi's treatment.