7-Year-Old Gigi Carerra Fights Back Against Brain Cancer

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LINCOLN, Neb. Gigi Carerra goes to radiation five days a week, and she lost half of her vision after her last surgery. But you would never know she has cancer because of how she's chosen to fight it.

"I'm great," said Gigi. "I'm amazing."

The 7-year-old was a guest of honor at the 6th Annual Forever Kids Carnival Sunday, an event that raises money for local families who have kids with serious medical conditions, kids like Gigi.

"It's really exciting for me because it represents me and some other kids," said Gigi. "It's not just about me it's about others kids who have cancer."

Going through her journey with others is how Gigi finds strength to enjoy every moment. She talks to friends who also have cancer, like a classmate at school.

"I feel bad for him but we're the same," said Gigi. "We both have problems, I feel bad for him but they're all different but sometimes they can be the same."

Gigi's mom says her daughter embraces her struggle and makes her resilient.

"She's adjusted beautifully, she's never once complained about it," said Leah Carerra. "She did get a tutor but she's adapted so well."

If you would like the opportunity to donate to Gigi or any of the other families who are receiving donations through the non-profit organization, Forever Kids Carnival Event, please head to www..forever-angels.org.