Escapee Charges

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Attorney General Jon Bruning announced Wednesday that eleven felony charges were filed against a prison inmate who overpowered two guards to escape in February.

Michael McGuire escaped from prison guards February third during a visit to the Techumseh hospital by using a gun that had been hidden in a bathroom.

He was captured four days later after shootout with police in Omaha in which no one was injured.

Authorities were led to McGuire by a tip from a man who said McGuire had held him in his apartment for three days.

As police closed in, they exchanged gunfire with McGuire.

No one was injured.

McGuire was serving time on robbery, kidnapping and rape convictions.

The new charges include one count of escape and three counts of kidnapping. He also faces assault, weapons and habitual criminal charges.

McGuire could receive up to life imprisonment for his recent offenses.