Mother Charged With Attemped Murder

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Thirty-five-year-old Cindy Criss of Spalding was arraigned Wednesday in Hall County Court.

Police say she tried to asphyxiate her children ages 9, 10, and 12.

Police say Criss got into a fight with her estranged husband last Tuesday. She then rented a motel - and a storage unit in Grand Island. Police say she drove her three kids to Grand Island and checked into the Relax Inn. After midnight, Criss drove her kids around for a while in their van and then pulled into the storage unit, and closing the door.

Captain Kerry Mehlin with the Grand Island Police Department says, "She shut the door, and left the motor running with an intent to kill everyone."

The woman who rented Criss the storage unit, says Criss had called a month earlier about renting. She never showed up.

Investigators are now trying to figure out if she just didn't go through with it or if her attempt at suicide and murder simply didn't work.

Criss' bond is set at $500,000. Her children are currently with their father.