Bob Kerrey Speaks About Meeting With Bush

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Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey says President Bush and Vice President Cheney faced similar questions to those the 9-11 Commission asked in open hearings.

Kerrey, however, declined to say specifically what those questions were. Kerrey and the rest of the 9-11 Commission questioned the president and vice president behind closed doors on Thursday.

In an interview with the Lincoln Journal-Star, Kerrey says he is still "bewildered why it was so easy" for hijackers to carry out their plot. Kerrey adds that there were intelligence warnings of al-Qaida's interest in hijacking planes in the U.S.

While Kerrey says he has not reached a conclusion on whether the president and his administration were alert to the warnings prior to 9-11, but Kerrey acknowledges that his conclusion "all along is we all made mistakes."