Racist Propaganda

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Gov. Mike Johanns says, "It's inexcusable and shameful." Lincoln city council person Terry Werner says, "I find it disturbing and not representative of Lincoln." That's how both describe fliers found in parts of south Lincoln on Sunday.

The fliers were distributed by National Alliance an organization based out of West Virginia with an office in Omaha. According to the groups website their goal is accept responsibility of being Aryan men and women and to live their lives accordingly.

The leaflets said the death of Nebraska soccer star Jenna Cooper was a result of a multi-racial society. The man accused of killing Cooper 22-year-old Lucky Iromuanya who is black, Cooper is white.

The first line on the flier in bold letters, "black crime, white victims."

Residents' in the south Lincoln neighborhood say the leaflets only verified their own beliefs and the rambling of racists won't sway them from their ideology.