Job Outlook for Recent Graduates on the Rise

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For Annie Ortmeier and Stephanie Joekel, looking for a job is just around the corner. In about two weeks they will be graduating from college.

“I would like to work for a record label or a record company,” says Ortmeier. Joekel on the other hand would like to work in pharmaceutical sales.

These graduates-to-be are not worried about finding a job. “I am not too stressed about finding one right when I graduate because I know something will come up.” says Joekel.

According to Jeri Cotter, director of career development at Nebraska Wesleyan University, job opportunities are on the rise. The first thing students need to work on is their resume.

“I think its important that they have somebody else to critique it because sometimes you’re too close to really be able to evaluate it objectively.

Stopping by your school’s career center is a great place to find help. Both students agree that the career center has helped them. Cotter also recommends graduates start looking for a job the first semester of your senior year. Some companies start their hiring process early for training purposes. Students don’t think they have networks but they do. Remain in contact with your institution’s career center. Employers do not work on semesters. They hire year round and staying in touch with the career center can be beneficial.

Cotter also reminds students not to be overwhelmed, “What they really need to do is get out there and not lose hope.”