Man Indicted Says Charges Are a Mistake

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A Hastings man indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to make and sell meth says the feds got bad information.

Fifty-eight-year-old Frank Jenkins is one of eight people in Hastings indicted last week. Authorities believe they are part of a national meth ring.

Jenkins' home and business were raided last Thursday. He says there is no evidence he makes or has ever sold meth.

"The facts just aren't there," says Jenkins.

Holly Wagner asked," Where would they (the Federal Government) get the idea you would be making meth?"

"I can't go into that. I think they'll be some repercussions from that," says Jenkins.
He says the Nebraska State Patrol took receipts, several scales, marijuana pipe, and some unknown white powder from his home. Jenkins says the powder is a cleaning agent.

"You can draw your own conclusions," says Jenkins.

If convicted, Jenkins could face four to 50 years in prison and a multi-million dollar fine. He says he wanted to speak out because his family is suffering, and he wants people to know he's innocent.