State Lawmakers Defend Bromm

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A group of state lawmakers defended Sen. Curt Bromm of Wahoo Tuesday against attacks from a conservative group that is airing TV ads trying to thwart his congressional bid.

A national group called Club for Growth, which backs reduced taxes and cuts in federal spending, has launched a television campaign that criticizes Bromm. The ads blast Bromm, the speaker of the nonpartisan Legislature and a Republican, for supporting state tax increases to help deal with Nebraska's recent revenue shortfall.

The ads didn't sit well with nine state lawmakers who appeared at a news conference outside the Capitol.

Said Senator Floyd Vrtiska of Table Rock, "The things that are being said are untrue."

Bromm said his legislative record includes votes to reduce sales and income taxes in the 1990s. His more recent votes to increase taxes came as part of a balanced package to deal with revenue shortfalls while trying not to hurt education and taking care of health needs.