New Spanish Newspaper Debuts in Lincoln

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While Ryan Bouc was working in Columbus, he met the owner of the Spanish newspaper there. After being involved with the paper, he recognized the need for a publication like this in Lincoln.

“We take these papers and put them out at Hy-Vee on Wednesday, and you come back on Saturday, and they are all gone,” says Bouc on the Spanish newspaper in Columbus.

Because of the demand in Columbus, Bouc decided to expand in Lincoln. He’s behind the publishing of Lincoln’s first all-Spanish newspaper called Hispanos Unidos. Now Bouc doesn’t do this all on his own; he has a team making the process work.

“Sometimes with a smaller newspaper, the owner does all of the ads, all of the articles—with this you’ve got 15-20 different people that are involved all looking at it offering insight.”

Luciano Insua, an editor for the Hispanos Unidos who recently moved from Argentina to be with is wife says this paper can help new Latinos get connected with their community. Managing editor and wife of Insua, Janet Eckerson, says this newspaper is unique.

“We are really looking to provide everything a newspaper provides, in Spanish, and providing news that is relevant to the Latino community,” says Eckerson.

Ryan Bouc says he’s looking forward to the success of his paper that will arrive on newsstands twice a month.