Man Charged With Murder

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A Colon man is charged with murder Wednesday. 25-year-old James Marrs was arraigned in Saunders County Court.

Authorities believe he beat, sexually assaulted, asphyxiated, and strangled 66-year-old Sharron Erickson.

Court documents released Wednesday show DNA evidence found at the scene is what links Marrs to the crime. Marrs was living about a block away from where Ericksons' body was found at the time. The murder happened June of 2003.

Friends of Marrs don't believe it.

Danille Else of Wahoo says, "Jim would help anybody. She's an older lady, he was always uptown working - there's no way. Jim is not a violent person."

The judge set Marrs' bond at $500,000. To be released he has to pay the full amount.

Friends say Marrs liked to farm. He leaves a girlfriend and two kids at home.