Councilman Targeted on White Supremacist Web Site

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People possibly connected with the neo-Nazi group the National Alliance have started to target city councilman Terry Werner.

They've posted a photo of his family, which includes his two daughters adopted from India, on a their white supremacist web site.

"It was shocking, it was just shocking. I'd never been in that situation, and I think they cross the line when they start talking about your children," says Werner.

He learned about the photo on Monday morning, which he thinks may have been a response to his comments about the national alliance. Pointed words in which he referred to them as cowards.

Although they did not post the picture, the National Alliance had this to say about the photo: "A white woman has been killed and this counselor Mr. Werner decided to attack us. So, I could see where somebody got frustrated with that and put the counselors pictures up on the Internet."

Werner says he has no plans of taking his sixteen-year-old daughters out of school. He says he stands by his original comments.