Fire in Adams Could Jeopardize Water Quality

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It started with a few cases donated at first.

“At about 10 p.m., we had a person pull in saying they were going to donate more water, and they were coming with a Budget truck,” says Rodger Pella, Mayor of Adams.

Then Wal-Mart caught wind that Adams would need a little more water than that.

Darwin Buss, water manager of Adams, says, “We thought we’d get a few cases of water or something like that but instead we received ten huge palates of water.”

The co-op fire Thursday night not only damaged the feed but possibly the town’s drinking water. Before the fire, Adams was running on one well but the demand for water caused the town to use its backup well to help put out that fire Thursday night.

“We turned that other well on; what that does then is well, we hadn’t run it; it could cause bacteria to get into the system which would make you sick.” says Pella.

Since the results are in yet, residents are advised to either boil their water or to drink bottled water. The state of Nebraska is testing Adams water this evening and will have the results tomorrow morning.