Residents React to Abuse Scandal

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Its pictures of Iraqi's being abused by U.S. soldiers that has everyone talking. Like many Americans Capitol City residents say they are disturbed by the images.

"Disgust... It's sort of hard to believe that another human being would treat someone else so inhumanely," said Katrina Christiansen.

One man at the downtown Coffee Shop said his worry now is for U.S. soldiers who are trying to bring peace to Iraq.

"I just fear for American troops in Iraq because of the reaction that could happen by the Iraqi people," said Elbert Hill Smith.

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was among the many senators questioning Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about the scandal.

Nelson said he wants to make sure the prisoners see justice.

"Hopefully, there won't be any more incidents of this kind... There will be an opportunity for the process to work. And we punish those who need to be punished and we don't scapegoat one or two officers," said Nelson.

Rumsfeld warned Americans on Friday that there are a lot more unreleased photographs as well as videos of Americans abusing Iraqi prisoners.