Teachers at West Lincoln Elementary Fix Bikes for Free

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Phil Wolfe is a teacher at West Lincoln Elementary School.

“I was asking my students about their bikes, whether they knew how to ride a bike or not and found out that many of them had broken bikes.” says Wolfe.

Wolfe thought this was probably the case for many students at his school. That is when he pursued the idea of getting students’ bikes up and running for the summer. He wanted the children to be able to have a fun summer. Wolfe’s good friend at Bike Pedalers bicycle shop decided to help Wolfe change that. He was eager to help out and even brought a few friends from the shop.

“He didn’t hesitate at tall when I asked to this but he’s the one that said that I’ll do it for free.” says Wolfe of his friend.

Many other teachers also came out to the school today to lend a hand. Those who fixed the bicycles were not the only ones having a good time.

Kevin Oestmann, a fifth grader at West Lincoln, says “I was excited because I just needed my bike a little checked up.”

Fellow fifth grader, Tylar Jackson speaks highly of the bike event Saturday. “It’s good that the school is putting stuff on for kids to fix their bikes.”

Wolf says the reward is in the end product. “The smile on a kid’s face when he sees that bike put back together, that makes it all worth while.”

All of the parts and labor were free of charge for the students. Thanks to these people, many more children have bikes to ride this summer.