Hastings Fire

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The fire that destroyed the historic Kipp Cigar building last week has been a hindrance to more than just the owners of the structure.

On one side, the Salvation Army has not been in its thrift store since the fire last week. On the other, Eaks Office Plus lost a wall and has extensive water damage. Its business is still carrying on despite closure of its retail outlet for three days.

Eakes' Monte Rasmussen says office supplies are still on their way to customers as employees work out of the company's Grand Island store.

Captain Craig Oswald says the goal is to get those neighboring businesses operating as rapidly as possible.

The antique store housed in the first floor of the Kipp Cigar building is in ruins. Many customers have walked by in shock to see beautiful antiques scorched by the fire.

Eakes hopes to re-open its retail store sometime next week. Salvation Army thrift store employees fear it could be longer for them.