N.U. President Search

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The search for a new university president is winding down. The first two of four finalists were able to meet and greet the public. The candidates are: Kim Roback, currently employed with the University, James Milliken, Vice President at University of North Carolina, Admiral James Ellis, commander of the Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha and Dr. Peter Hoff, President of the University of Maine.

Monday, Peter Hoff and James Ellis were introduced to the public. Hoff says he's dealt with shrinking budgets before and knows how to deal with it. Hoff says he also understands the sports traditions in Nebraska. Hoff says the University of Maine consistently has the national championship in hockey on their minds, "Kind of like Nebraska with football."

Ellis says he's no academic, but what he can bring to the table is leadership. Ellis is the commander of the Strategic Command who is retiring later this year. Ellis says leaders are shaped by organizations they lead.

All four finalists will visit all four campuses and also be interviewed by the board of regents. Interviews will be wrapped up Thursday.