Council Approves New Flood Rules

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Preventing flood water from taking over Lincoln neighborhoods is the reason the city council passed a series of ordinances aimed at reducing the chance of flood water damage.

One piece of the plan would allow developers to increase flood heights by up to (0.05).

Monday evening the City Council heard both sides of the issue.

While a study said the plan could significantly reduce the cost of flood damage. Others argue that the plan will drive up the cost of flood insurance and make it harder for developers to build homes.

“Think about how much further into the hinter lands Lincoln would be developed as a result of not being able to develop on those flood plains,” said land use attorney Peter Katt.

Another land use attorney said he supported 90% of the plan. However he wanted some leeway when it came to small collections of water in neighborhoods like Fallbrook.

“Giving us flexibility on our own land to move around and still we solve flooding, we are not increasing flooding because we still have to get the 100 year water through our development,” said Kent Seacrest.

The new flood control standards go beyond all federal and state requirements.