Will Nebraska Voters Head to Polls

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Nebraska voters head to polls today, but other than the race to replace Congressman Doug Bereuter, few contests are expected to draw many people.

Secretary of State John Gale predicts just 28-percent of Nebraska's registered voters will cast ballots, a record low for a presidential primary year in Nebraska.

There are seven Republicans, four Democrats and one Green Party candidate in the First District primary race.

The seat is being vacated because Bereuter, a Republican congressman in his 13th term, is stepping down to become president of the Asia Foundation.

There are also races in the Second and Third congressional districts.

In the races for nonpartisan Legislature, 12 incumbents are unopposed and three have only one challenger.

Voters in some areas also will cast ballots for the University of Nebraska Board of Regents and the State Board of Education.

There is also little drama in the presidential race.

Republican George Bush is unchallenged in his bid for a second term.

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts is widely expected to run away with the Democratic nomination.