Connealy Wins Run Off

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State Senator Matt Connealy was all smiles after beating out the competition to have his name placed on the November ballot.

“I’m honored to have had the acceptance of people from South Dakota to Kansas to our major city of Lincoln,” said Connealy.

Connealy won 50% of the vote. His supporters believe he can go all the way.

“Matt Connealy has been a real friend to state employees while he was in the legislature,” said supporter Linda Sand.

“Matt Connealy knows how to get things done in the Legislature… he’s been there and he knows how to make things work,” said Victor Covalt.

Though they face an uphill battle Democrats believe they can win.

“It’s all about getting our base out. Getting voters, getting the Democrats who don’t vote all the time out to the polls,” said Justin Carlson with the Lancaster County Democrats.

Connealy hopes his record will appeal to both sides.

“Nebraskans don’t want a rubber stamp, someone who will tow the party line all the time or be a rubber stamp for any party or special interest group. I won’t be that,” he said.

Democrats know they will need money for a win in November. The state party expects to spend more than one million dollars.