Phone Scam

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Police say Wednesday, two elderly women were called by a man claiming to be Police Chief Tom Casady. The man said he was investigating their bank and wanted their account information.

He told the women they could call him back at 911, but when they hung up, he stayed on the line. Then when the women picked up the phone to call him, he was still there, giving them the impression they reached him at the emergency number.

One of the women gave out her information, but the other did not. The police were able to contact the first woman's bank and have her account flagged before any money was taken out.

Police say they would never ask for account information. Police say never to give account information over the phone unless you verify who the caller is. They say it is better to be safe then sorry.

Investigators also say there are a lot of other scams out there. Foreign lottery scams are fooling a lot of people. The scams claim the victim one the lottery in countries like Canada, and then ask the victim to give them information or money.

Investigator Corey Weinmaster said a surprising number of people believe the scams and are giving away their life savings.