Coping With Images

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It is a typical evening at the Angelos house. Eleven-year-old Nick plays with their dog Comet. He does not watch the nightly news.

His mother Amy doesn't want him to, especially with all the graphic images that have been on the news lately. One image he has not seen is the moments leading up to the death of Nick Berg.

Amy says, "I just don't think that at 11 years old they have to be exposed to that kind of a thing." His dad Brock says, "We try to be open and honest with him about it. We discuss it and explain why it happened."

School Psychologist Jerry Harrenstein agrees with that approach. He says it is important to talk about those graphic images with children so that they can cope.

Harrenstein says, "I think it is ok to talk about people dying. I think you shouldn't shelter the facts of war."

He also recommends turning off the TV if the news gets too graphic for children to watch.