Man Wakes From Coma to See New Baby

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“I was in Kansas City, and I hadn’t heard from him in a day.” says wife, Colette Wymore.

After repeated attempts to reach her husband who was in Lincoln on a business trip, Wymore found out that her husband Sam was unconscious in his hotel room.

“We jumped in the car and drove up here.” says Wymore.

Doctors say Sam had Pneumonia. He was rushed to Bryan LGH Hospital where Colette found him lying in a coma. She was not prepared for what was going to happen next.

“I was in the ICU unit upstairs, and it was Monday afternoon, and I started going into labor.” says Wymore when she speaks of her labor.

Colette was rushed to the deliver room with her cousin and sister-in-law by her side.

Cheri Palma, Colette’s sister-in-law speaks of her support. “We stayed with Colette knowing that’s what Sam would have wanted.”

Wymore gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Olivia Lyn. Two days later, Cheri brings her news that Sam woke from his coma.

“I told her he was eating ice chips and she just started screaming.” says Palma.

For the first time ever, Sam saw his baby girl this morning.

“Today when I found out that I was going to go up and hold her for the first time, it was magnificent, it was beyond words,” says Sam speaking on seeing his daughter.