Immigrants Gather for EOE Luncheon

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The Cornhusker Hotel hosted a luncheon Saturday afternoon where immigrants now living in Nebraska came to gain knowledge for their new life and to meet others.

Phillip Deng of Sudan says he came here “for building of friendships from others.”

Many of these individuals came to the land of opportunity for a better future.

“I came here when I was little. My dad moved here because of the economy over there in Mexico so I always live for the dream for everybody to be here and have a better life.” says Claudia Aguilar of Mexico.

Others sought refuge from the dangers of their country.

“Our country has a civil war and we were able to come to this country so that we live in peace and start a new life and also not forget where we came from.” says Dech Machar of Sudan.

Phillip Deng was a member of the Lost Boys. He escaped the persecution and dangers from Sudan.

“We are lost from our parents because of the war.” says Deng.

Although they are glad to be in the U.S., some of them question the reason American officials decide to help rebuild some countries over others.

“Sudan is really suffering from disease, hunger, war, but no solution in Sudan right now.” says Deng.

They hope that some day their country will be full of peace.