Reservists Deployed From Lincoln

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For Scott Welsch, this deployment will not be as hard as the last.

“I have been though it before as chief mentioned, I have been in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, that was a lot harder, this will be a much easier deployment for me,” says Welsch.

Sergeant Welsch is thankful he can stay close to his family who currently reside in Omaha.

“I will be here in Lincoln, I will be doing I T Support.” says Welsch of his assignment.

While Welsch will commute between here and Omaha, many will not.

“They will report to their mobilization station on the 20th of May and they will deploy as soon as they clear the mobilization station,” says executive officer Wayne Rohde, “all of our soldiers have been with us for several years and they are highly trained and I have the utmost confidence in their ability to carry out the mission.”

One mission that Sergeant Welsch is definitely pleased with. The other five troops aren’t sure if they will also stay in the U.S. or be deployed overseas.