Residents Rally Against Racism

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Fifty years ago it might have been hard to imagine a diverse group getting together to celebrate school desegregation. Some students at the rally against racism say America is better because of the ruling.

“You get to learn about different cultures and different backgrounds,” said seven-year-old Haven Kierkendoll.

“I think it is important just because we learn to accept each other for who we are when we go to school,” added Josh Ward.

From students to Nebraska leaders they came out not only to praise school desegregation but to affirm Lincoln’s commitment to diversity.

“Our community is great to drive down the street and see all of the ethnic diversity through restaurants and stores, and see it embraced rather than hidden. We feel really proud that is what makes us strong,” said Becca Kaiser with the Nebraska Coalition for Peace and Justice.

The group also took the opportunity to speak out against racial propaganda recently dropped in a Lincoln neighborhood blaming blacks for crime in the city.

“That’s an important factor here for people to come out in the community and show that they don’t accept this. We want to expose the people doing this in our community. That’s not what Lincoln is about,” said Councilman Terry Werner.

About 120 people attended the rally including Mayor Coleen Seng and Police Chief Tom Casady.