Seward County Residents Upset Over Drag Strip

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Lisa Krings has lived in her Seward County home for sixteen years. She is not pleased with the possibility of having a drag strip built a mile away from her home, a venue that could draw tens of thousands of people.

“It’s just disturbing the thought of having that many people that close when we moved out here to get away from that.” says Krings.

Many others who attended the hearing on the plan say they also moved here to get away from it all.

“That is why we retired here, we can’t afford for our property value to go down, our life’s money is in this property,” sobs one resident.

While many are worried about their property values, some county residents like the idea of a drag strip in their community.

“The biggest reason I am for this is the potential for jobs and development within the Seward County area,” says Dean Bruha of Milford.

But Krings feels the majority of the commissioners failed to see how the drag strip would affect her community, and she plans to keep fighting to keep the drag strip out.