Big Mac Hot Spot?

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With Memorial Day a little more than a week away the governor has a message for vacations. Big Mac is still a great vacation spot despite the drought.

"We don't want to compound the drought with people staying away," says Gov. Johanns.

He toured Lake McConaughy Thursday.

He says there are still a lot of sandy beaches where people can go and camp, and roast marshmallows.

"It's a heck of an attraction," he says.

On his tour the governor listened to concerns of local business owners like Bob Roche.

Roche's seen the lake dwindle in size. Once 22 miles, Lake McConaughy now stretches nine miles. Previous lake inlets are now full of sand, not water.

"We're losing a jewel of the parks system," says Roche.

The lake is currently at 38-percent capacity, by the end of the summer experts say it could be at 12-percent. Some are concerned it will turn into a river.

Gov. Johanns knows finding a solution to these water woes won't be easy, considering conditions are continuously dry, and inflows from the mountains are pretty much non-existent.