Wilber Reports Widespread Damage

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After Saturday night’s storms and tornado, Wilber residents ventured outside to find trees covering homes and cars. Debris filled the streets.

People in a local bar listened as one nearby restaurant was completely gutted.

“As we were getting away from the windows the walls facing the street started to come down and you could hear it crashing,” said Scott Usher.

One woman came home and couldn’t even find her driveway because of downed trees.

“We got big branches all around the house and on top of cable, the strong wind I guess pulled some of the tile off the roof,” said Rosa Dornan.

In the daylight, residents had a clearer picture of the devastation.

“Everything is gone. It’s just done,” said Dennis Tenopir.

He lost his business, the home he grew up in and his farmstead built by his family in the 1800’s.

“There’s been six generations of our family that have lived in that house. It’s beyond repair. That’s just though that part of it,” said Tenopir.

One family had quite a scare after a tree was uprooted and fell on their house.

“We had all the kids in the basement and I was by the back door and the door pushed in and I shoved it back shut. I heard everything go. It was very loud.” said Julie Schachtschabel.

If there is any bright side to this day it is that the community is pulling together. Community officials are also preparing for cleanup.

“Over the next couple of days we will be working with the state and federal officials. NEMA is already here FEMA will be here when they get done with Hallam to take a look and see what damage there is and what help they can give us,” said B.J. Fictum with Emergency Management.

Fortunately there are no deaths or injuries to report in Wilber.