Governor Tours Hallam

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Gov. Mike Johanns was out first thing Sunday morning surveying the damage left by the twisters. The governor toured a 15 area from Hallam to Wilbur and Clay Center.

A resident in Hallam was killed after a tornado hit the Hallam area. After seeing the town from the view of helicopter and driving through the streets, the governor said, "You can only imagine what happened here last night. Whatever sat down here annihilated everything."

When Gov. Johanns arrived, the residents were being kept out of the town.

Pat O'Brien is part of the team double checking the whereabouts of residents. He says, "I didn't go to bed last night. I just watched the sun come up. It's pretty amazing what mother nature can do."

It was exactly 11 months ago Gov. Johanns was dealing with damage left behind by a twister that hit Deschler.

"There were parts of Deschler left unaffected. I don't think there is anything here not damaged or destroyed," says Gov. Johanns.

The governor has already called on the federal government for assistance. FEMA arrived Sunday afternoon. More than 120 houses were destroyed in the twister and five public buildings were hit.