Train Derails

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At least one tornado, high winds and heavy rains were blamed for several disruptions to railroad services this weekend.

Union Pacific spokesman John Bromley says a main railroad line reopened Sunday afternoon after 38 cars of a UP train was blown off the tracks six miles west of Fairfield.

A tornado Saturday evening struck the train that was going from Salt Lake City to Kansas City. Bromley says the train was going about 27 miles per hour and cam to a complete stop within seven seconds. The crew was uninjured.

Emergency crews began work Saturday night and yesterday afternoon had one of two main line tracks open. The second opened last night. That rail line normally sees an average of 65 trains a day.

UP spokesman Mark Davis says most of the trains were able to detour on other UP lines.

Davis says storms also left debris and downed power lines over tracks in several areas.

Bromley says several crossing gates and signals were blown away, while heavy rains washed out a branch line near Weeping Water and a route north of Des Moines, Iowa.

The Weeping Water tracks are still closed and won't be open.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe spokesman Steven Forsberg says cars on two empty trains were blown off tracks south of Pacific Junction near McPaul, Iowa.

Forsberg says the trains were not on a primary line and many trains were detoured through Lincoln.