Victims Should File Insurance Claims

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After the bad weather of the past few days many Nebraskans are picking up the pieces of their destroyed property.

The Hohbein family is just happy to be alive after their house was leveled Saturday, just outside of Holland, while they were still inside.

“It’s numbing right now. It’s sinking in a little bit more each day. But I keep thinking about all the things we lost,” said Linda Hohbein.

One of the first things they did Sunday morning is call the insurance company.

“We document what we’ve lost. They are going to supply us with the necessary funds to survive the next few weeks and months to get us back onto our feet,” said Michael Hohbein.

Alan Cox with State Farm Insurance says if your home was damaged in the storm you need to contact your agent as soon as possible.

“If they have damage we ask them to fix it temporarily and keep receipts. Maybe take a photograph. If they are throwing things away that have been damaged by the tornado document those with a photograph or write them down,” said Cox.

Some other tips for storm recovery: Notify creditors if bills are lost or you are unable to pay; contact the utility company to stop billing if your home is unlivable or destroyed; and pick up salvageable items to keep them from being stolen.