How to Help Your Children Cope With the Disaster

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Disasters and tragedies stir up many fears in children and the situation in Hallam is no exception. Jon Wollam of Hallam has three children. They ask him all kinds of questions from “where are they going to live” to “what school they are going to go to next year.”

“It’s pretty much overwhelming, because we can’t even ask friends to help because they are in as bad of shape as we are.” said Wollam.

Experts say a good option in situations like this is to talk about it.

“The closer they have been to the real experience of the tornado touching down, the more you are going to want to talk with them about how they are feeling.” says Dr. Matthew Nessetti.

He also says there are some sign parents should look out for in their children.

- Social Anxieties: Are they withdrawing from family and friends?
- Difficulty in School
- Behavior Changes: Are they being too compliant or difficult?

If your children are upset about the disaster, get them involved in the recovery process.

“Let them be involved in helping in any way shape or form they can,” said Dr. Nessetti.

Wollam said he stays positive by looking for the good, even in the midst of a tragic event like this.