Watch for Home Repair Scams

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Attorney General Jon Bruning is warning Nebraskan’s about the risk of home repair scams because of the recent storms.

“At a time like this when people are in emotionally heightened states and they want to rebuild right away, they are very susceptible to scams,” said Bruning.

One of the first things insurance agents and contractors say is beware of out of town storm chasers.

“Often times there are contractors that will come from out of state. Some of them are reputable some of them are not,” said Lincoln contractor Steve Fulton.

Some other tips on choosing a contractor: seek referrals from friends, family and neighbors; check for liability insurance; get at least three quotes for work to be done; and don’t pay for the entire job in advance.

Bruning said it is also important to take your time.

“The key is don’t be pressured to sign anything. If a contractor comes and says I have a deal that ends at the end of the day today, walk away. No legitimate contractor is going to act in the fashion.

For questions about contractors you can contact the Better Business Bureau at (402) 436-2345.