Intimidated to Sign Up for National Guard

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John Kruid of Lincoln claims an Army recruiter intimidated him in attempts to get him to sign back up with the National Guard or enter the Army Reserves.

Senator Ben Nelson said his office has heard similar complaints about recruitment tactics. Nelson is the ranking member of the personnel subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He says there is widespread confusion about the status of inactive reserves. Army Reserve spokesman Steven Stromvall said complaints have come from several regions of the country. He says attempts to match inactive reservists like Kruid with empty Army Reserve posts were misinterpreted by some recruiters.

Stromvall said recruiters should have said being called to serve was only a possibility.

He says people who feel they have signed up or volunteered for a position under false pretenses can appeal it.

Kruid said he was not deployed but he is worried about others who might re-enlist because similar tactics were used.