What to Donate

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After storms ripped through Nebraska town, donations came flooding in to help the storm victims.

Activist Community Services Disaster Response has been taking most of the donations in Lincoln. They have a store set up in the old K-Mart on 56th and Highway 2 for victims to shop the donated items for free, but they have so much stuff, they no longer need general donations.

The few things they do need are packages of new underwear, plus size clothing and shovels. They do not accept any used clothing. They are also taking monetary donations and are looking for volunteers. If you want to help out, you can call 770-1181.

But while the shelves are stocked in Lincoln, folks in Wilber are in need of more donations. Churches and clubs have been generous, but the donations are flying off the shelves. They have enough canned food, but still need bug spray, blankets, towels, larger diapers, and Kleenex.

If you would like to drop off donations, bring them to Saline Eldercare at 109 West 3rd St. in Wilber.

The Salvation Army is also out of Gatorade for the workers helping with cleanup.