Father Remembers

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As we approach Memorial Day the father of a Nebraska soldier remembers his son who was killed two days ago in Iraq.

Corporal Matthew Henderson was one of two Nebraskans who died while conducting security and stability operations Wednesday.

Marine Kyle Codner of Shelton was also killed.

Owen Henderson of Bennet, Matthew's father, says his son believed in what he was doing. In a conversation the two had, Matthew told his dad “don't focus on all of the bad stories you hear”.

"We're doing a lot of good over here."

Owen says, "He was a wonderful kid, a wonderful man, and a hero. He was my best friend."

Owen says the biggest honor of his life was when Matthew asked him to be the best man in his wedding. Matthew married his high school sweetheart, Jaimie Meyers, in 2003.

"I know I've lost a son, but Jaimie has lost the love of her life. What she thinks right now is she's lost the rest of her life."

"They treated each other with such respect and were so in love. They had such a great future," says Henderson.

With Memorial Day approaching, Henderson says he'd like Nebraskans to honor his son and others by remembering our soldiers as individuals.

"We need to recognize there's a lot of good men who have done it, are going to do it, and are willing to do it."

Henderson went to Palmyra High School. After graduation he played football for Nebraska Wesleyan for two years, then joined the Marines.

Henderson was part of one of the first assault team's that went into Baghdad. Henderson was good friends with Kyle Codner of Shelton. Henderson's father says Matthew talked about Kyle a lot, and that Matthew was looking out for him.