"Free Garage Sale" Tornado Victims

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For Shar Brauer, it’s not about the fame.

“I am just there to help,” says Brauer.

She is doing just that. After talking with many storm victims at the hotel where she works, she noticed that people needed items like soap and clean clothes.

“Some people have nothing and that’s why I wanted to help,” says Brauer on her dedication.

She originally started with very little but her free garage sale quickly grew.

“It started out with two tables and then more was coming in,” says Brauer.

Brauer says that any storm victim is welcome to the goods even if they are not a hotel guest.

“I told them this morning, if you think of anything come back here and check with me. You are more than welcome to go in and get whatever you want and to get what you need,” says Brauer on what she told her departing guests.

Shar says she hopes people would do the same for her if she were in their situation. She admires these families’ strength to endure all that they have.